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Spinning Colourful earth
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Hi! I'm Natasha!

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bouncing heartUpdates!bouncing heart

  • Reticulated splines -
    • Am actually kinda alive maybe
    • Reticulated splines and other nonsense
    • Considering moving to SvelteKit
  • Added yesterweb webring + fixed updates -
    • Got accepted to the yesterweb webring! So that's now on the page.
    • Finally fixed the updates so they can each have their own page!
  • Fixing update page + restructuring -
    • Restructured pages to have Layout in _app.tsx
    • Changed updates section to link to /updates instead of the actual update ID since neocities doesn't wanna play nice :/
    • Thought about implementing shrines... Will see if it happens...
    • Add last updated section to updates page.
    • Changed 404 to not_found to work with neocities
  • Tweaking + Updates -
    • Added updates pages to log changes.
    • Some tweaking to how the quote thingy works. It should now persist state across pages.
    • A couple minor style updates.
    • Learnt about Next.js context. Still kinda figuring things out.
    • Added a time ticker for fun!
    • Added a link to the source code.